The Most Efficient Advisor.

The Most Effective Advice.

Powering the Next Generation of Employee Benefit Advisors

Engage Employers With Valuable Insight

Stand out from the crowd of brokers offering just another quote. Take an Advisory Approach and generate on-demand benchmarking for a complete plan evaluation for employers.


Compare Benefit Plans

Discover what other employers are offering their employees and how each plan stacks up in the market

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Rank Level of Coverage

Examine the level of coverage line by line, ranking plan details by industry, regions, and employee group size.

Search Insurance Products

Explore and Share Products or Services with a simple keyword search across hundreds of Solution Listings available in the marketplace.

CloudAdvisor provides you – an Employee Benefit Advisor – with a complete Benefit Advisor solution for growing your business.

Inspire Prospects To Make The Switch

Get hired for your benefits expertise, not just your lowest price quote. Educate employers, demonstrate differentiation and advise from a position of strength.

Meet Your New Assistant

C.A.L.E.B. is your new machine-learning best friend, working for you every day for every client for every benefit detail.

Review Recommendations

Gain Instant talking points by reviewing the dashboard for recommendations or considerations to share in every conversation.

Deliver Your Detailed Report

Share your findings with employers in a professional and automated plan audit summary report ready for presentation, and ready to impress.

Grow Your Business With Ease

Help clients thrive year-round, not just at renewal. Build capacity in your business to deliver a proactive and comprehensive advisory model to every client, every year.

Check Governance Reviews

Documented Review by following a simple checklist to challenge assumptions, understand needs and reveal risks and opportunities each year with every client.

Monitor and Report Claims

Upload Carrier Claims Data, Analyse and Automate Monthly or Quarterly Reporting Direct to Clients via the Integrated Client Portal

Automate the Renewal

Manage Financial Rate Data, Fees and Commissions and Generate Custom Templated Client-Ready Renewal Reports in seconds.

It’s time to become #PoweredByCloudAdvisors and take your advisory firm to the next level.