Our Mission

To Optimize Business to Business Decisions and Democratize the most Effective Advice.

Our Vision

To Create a Global Platform for Business Advisors Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our Story

CloudAdvisors was founded in Vancouver in 2015 by a perfect storm of insurance insiders and technical expertise. The idea to build technology that helped advisors put advice first was born from the observation that the old way of doing business wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Employee Benefits Brokerage was broken and Employees and their Families were left vulnerable.

Across the industry expert advisors were struggling to keep pace with employer needs and to efficiently and effectively deliver the advice they relied on to optimize insurance decisions.  The CloudAdvisor technology was developed as a way to power the next generation of employee benefit and retirement plan advisors in delivering at scale the decision making experience that millions of employers rely on every year with complex insurance needs.

Our Culture

We are an international and cognitively diverse team of professionals. Our skills range from highly technical computer engineering talent to out of the box creative artists. We are growing and always looking to expand to new team members who share our purpose, values and connection to delivering the mission and vision of CloudAdvisors. We are breaking the traditional boundaries and limitations of the workplace offering unique perks, remote and time shifted work that allow individuals to excel in their roles and advance in their careers.  CloudAdvisors is a meritocracy that supports not only the free exchange of ideas and opinions but also the passionate debate that reveals the best ideas. You are encouraged to come to work with strong opinions but loosely held.

Our Team

Matt Lister

Chief Executive Officer
Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and Insurance Advisor for over 8 years. Husband, Trail Runner, Golfer and Star Wars fan

Rahul Rao

Experienced International Businessman, Passion for learning and technology. Vancouver Canucks fan, Dallas Cowboys fan, Strategy-Game enthusiast.

John Gerard D’Souza

Chief Operating Officer
Expert in Multi-National Enterprise Software Sales and Operations. Husband, passionate AC Milan Football Club fan and connoisseur of fine espresso.

Diane Crimeni

Relationship Manager
Professional Project Manager experienced with Small Family Businesses and Large Corporate Clients. Exceptional writer, fitness enthusiast, and dog lover.