Advisor Partner +

For Advisory Firms, Enterprise, and MGA Partners looking to truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale up their unique advisory model, and deliver the ultimate personalized client experience.

Advisor Partner +

For Advisor Firms & MGAs

$20,000 *Starting at
  • Platform Access For Advisors + Support
  • Preferred CALEB Solution Match
  • Custom CALEB Plan Insights
  • Annual Block Insights
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting
  • Exclusive Solutions and Products
  • Includes All Prospecting
  • White Labelled Lead Generation Tool

scalable solutions for busy group advisors

We partner with advisory firms, brokers, agents, MGAs, consultants, and multi-national enterprise brokerages to improve value-add retention, up-sell, cross-sell, prospect and generate leads.

Learn how you can license, customize and take your business to the next level.

Exclusive solutions & rates

In partnership with your preferred providers, create exclusive offerings for your entire block of business. Create different versions of solution pages complete with your own negotiated features, branding, and exclusive rates. Create marketing documents to share with clients and prospects, including material about your advisory firm, customer referrals, and cross sell opportunities for other services. Exclusive solutions are visible to Advisor and support users under your firm only.

prefferred caleb solution match

Handpick your favourite go-to providers from the Solution Marketplace for any benefit. CALEB will provide you preferential Solution Matches based on your profile, existing provider relationships, or previous recommendations. In addition to available open solutions, exclusive solutions are also available as preferred Solution Matches.

Custom benchmarking

Dig deeper into benchmarking with niche subcategories, multiple variables, and specific lists of clients or prospects you wish to include in comparison reports. Ideal for prospecting a new business association, or showing your expertise to a specific market. Custom Benchmarking Reports can be generated at your request to cater to a specific client need or target prospect by any number of custom criteria.

automated reports

From our standard reports, add your own cover pages, additional content, or combination of reports. Specify branded fonts, colours and graphics to display in reports. From benchmarking and plan insights, to claims and renewal reports, a complete, automated, and presentation ready customized template can be yours at the click of a button.

Lead Generation

Leverage custom report templates to offer introductory benchmarking to prospective employers online. Prospects enter your sales funnel after completing an initial BAR score assessment. Easily create marketing and advertising campaigns to employers, connecting their interest in competitive benefits to your website and automated lead generation tool.

Custom Employer Portal

Bring it all together with a fully digital delivery and customized URL to link clients to. Set up your own schedule of automated deliverables to be securely shared to clients throughout the year. Develop a unique prospecting workflow from lead generation, to uploading benefits booklet, to automated insights and solutions. Customize priority plan insights and preferred solution matches automatically shared with every client on your platform.

Custom CALEB Insights

The CALEB Advice Assistant scans for hundreds of available strategies, recommendations, and risk analysis for existing benefit and retirement plans. Create customized CALEB Plan Insights to optimize your automated review, look for specific variables, trigger your unique ideas, or provide rationales you prefer.


“We use CloudAdvisors software to compare and analyze employee benefit plans. The platform helps us build custom insights with each benefit plan we’re reviewing. Having access to this data provides insights to both me and my clients, that help us to develop the most effective benefits package to meet their unique needs.”

John Ohorndnyk
Senior Account Executive
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