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Prospect and win new clients, enhance retention and growth, and transform your advisory business to scale past the competition. Start delivering more value to clients today.


For Advisors

$ 5 Per Member

Scale your business with instant and effortless client engagement.

Professional Plus

For Advisory Firms

$ Inquire

Get access to automated, custom benefit evaluations for every client and prospect.


For MGAs

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Explore options for managing, scaling, and automating multiple advisory firms.

Professional Professional Plus MGA
Per Group
$5 per employee
General Professional Professional Plus MGA
Advisor License
Support Staff License
Group Onboarding Data
Notifications, Alerts, Emails
Weekly Rundown Summary
Advisor Digital Platform Professional Professional Plus MGA
Groups and Contacts
Event and Task Timeline
Governance Checklist
Benefit Plan Files
Benefit Claim Files
Benefit Financial Files
Retirement Plan Files
Provider Contact Files
Select Carrier Integration
Solution Marketplace Professional Professional Plus MGA
Keyword Search Engine
Instant Quotes
Exclusive Solutions
Exclusive Rates
Employer Portal Professional Professional Plus MGA
Unlimited Contact Invites
Shared Timeline
Shared Reports
Shared Solutions
Shared Quotes
Employer Secure Upload
Advisory Firm White Labelling
Priority Insights and Solutions
Preferred Insights
CALEB AI Professional Professional Plus MGA
Daily Plan Insight by Group
Priority Insight Reports
Custom Plan Audit Report
Solution Match
BAR Score
Preferred Solution Match
Custom Plan Insights
Benchmarking Professional Professional Plus MGA
Intro Benchmarking
Basic Comparison
Basic Ranking
Basic Financials
Benefits Comprehensive
Retirement Basic
Custom Report Templates
Custom Comparison Groups
Automated Reports Professional Professional Plus MGA
Meeting Notes Template
Governance Report Template
Claims Report Template
Renewal Report Template
Brand White Labelling
Custom Templates
Automated Digital Delivery
Support Professional Professional Plus MGA
On Demand Virtual Training
Help Answer Bot
Knowledge Base Library
Community Content
Technical Support
Advisor Partner Support
Enhanced Available
Premium Available
Automated Digital Delivery
Premium Available