Automated Advice and Instant Quotes now live to Canadian Employers from CloudAdvisors

November 18, 2021
Team CloudAdvisors

Automated Advice and Instant Quotes now live to Canadian Employers from CloudAdvisors

November 18, 2021

Press Release November 10th, 2021

VANCOUVER, BC, November 10, 2021 /CNW/ 

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 10, 2021 /CNW/ – CloudAdvisors, Canada’s Employee Benefits Marketplace, has launched an AI generated report designed to quickly identify the most pressing benefit opportunities for employers. This revolutionary technology allows employers to upload their current benefit plan and receive personalized recommendations with instant quotes from some of Canada’s top insurance providers. CloudAdvisors is the first to offer Artificial Intelligence technology to Canadian Benefit Advisors and their clients.


The plan recommendations are provided through CloudAdvisors’ AI assistant CALEB, which analyzes and compares an employer’s benefit booklet to more than 15,000 benefit plans in the CloudAdvisors database. CALEB anonymizes data to assess common trends, risks, gaps, and opportunities based on the company’s industry, size, and region. The AI assistant also searches the Employee Benefits Marketplace to match each employer with a unique set of Provider products and services, with personalized quotes to address their needs.


Advisor Partners have complete access to generate on-demand reports for any client or prospect. CALEB automates plan evaluations to send to Advisors directly when they upload new groups, or at set points throughout the year. Advisors with Professional Plus can customize the report by selecting the recommendations, considerations, and solutions that best match their client’s recruitment and employee-related goals.


The Priority Insight Report is designed to help employers make better informed decisions regarding their employee benefits plan. The report reveals out-dated or less competitive aspects of traditional benefit offerings such as life, disability, health, and dental. In addition, it identifies coverage gaps for new offerings such as mental health programs, virtual telemedicine, and health care spending accounts.


“Employers deserve to know what other companies are offering, and be confident in providing the best plans. Historically, this evaluation process was fragmented, slow, expensive, or not even possible for many small businesses. With our technology, we’re answering these questions instantly and without bias.” Says Matt Lister, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudAdvisors.


CloudAdvisors is leading innovation in the insurance industry with access to valuable data, powerful analytics, and a secure self-service platform. Employers can view their custom insights by uploading their current booklet, anonymously and securely, to CloudAdvisors for an unbiased and no-obligation free report. Employers can also connect to one of hundreds of expert Advisor Partners across the country that are powered by CloudAdvisors’ technology.


Visit to upload your booklet at no cost and no obligation today.

About CloudAdvisors

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, CloudAdvisors is Canada’s largest Insurtech cloud platform and marketplace powered by artificial intelligence. CloudAdvisors was founded in 2015 and has enabled a fully digital experience for Employee Benefits.

For further information: Media Contact: Diane Crimeni, [email protected]; Investor Contact: Rahul Rao, [email protected]

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