CloudAdvisors Unveils Real-Time SmartQuote Technology To Benefits Industry 

Vancouver, January , 2023 – This week CloudAdvisors unveiled SmartQuote, the latest product in their suite of industry-leading InsurTech solutions. SmartQuote enables businesses to evaluate, price compare, and purchase benefit solutions from a real-time quote dashboard. Through SmartQuote, employers and advisors can review benefit plan quotes the same day from dozens of providers to help them evaluate their best options.


“SmartQuote will completely change how employers make plan decisions,” says CloudAdvisors CEO and Co-Founder Matt Lister. “Employers can view qualified quotes from dozens of providers at once, not wait weeks for a quote to come back. Advisors can scale their in-person time by automating tasks like emailing for a quote. Providers can fully automate their quote production and distribution of proposals, even to all 15,000 groups on our platform. This is the next step in delivering better access to healthcare for Canadians.” adds Lister.

Equal Access to Employee Benefits

The newest product in CloudAdvisors’ line of industry-leading technology delivers quotes from a variety of providers direct to employers and advisors via the CloudAdvisors platform, helping broaden the market and inform employers about all available offerings. “SmartQuote continues our mission to provide employers with instant and equal access to the most competitive employee benefits in the market today,” adds Lister.


Previously, CloudAdvisors changed how Advisors access both solutions and providers. Now, SmartQuote completes the process by streamlining how providers interact efficiently with the distribution. Providers of any size can identify best fit opportunities, instantly quote employers, all done automatically when a benefit plan is uploaded to the system.


“SmartQuote removes the work of gathering solutions and quotes. Advisors can deliver competitive evaluations at scale, and quote directly to their clients at any point in the year. This marks another revolutionary step forward to ensure Canadian employers have accessible information to help them make informed decisions about their employee benefits.” states Lister.

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