Employee Benefits Checklists and Myths #10

Welcome to Part 10 of our Employee Benefits Marketing series – A checklist of items for doing it properly and the myths associated with each step. Employee Benefits Checklists and Myths #10 discusses key areas in an action plan and discusses brokers versus advisors.

The 10 Point Employee Benefits Marketing Checklist was created to equip Advisors and employers with effective tools and information that go beyond marketing simply based on price. Our checklist is now available in the CloudAdvisors Solution Library. Search for “CloudAdvisors” or contact an employee benefit specialist who is #poweredbyCloudAdvisors to share it with you.

Employee Benefits Checklist #10: Action Plan to Communicate Changes

Throughout this 10-part checklist the Advisor and Employer have gone through a full marketing review process and have finalized their decisions. Finally, the last step is to have an action plan.  This helps communicate these changes to the employees and their families who are directly impacted. Moreover, it is just as important to acknowledge these changes as it is to make them. This will help prevent any assumptions or confusions moving forward.

Employee Benefits Checklist #10: Three Key Areas in the Action Plan


Firstly, once a proposal is accepted, it requires an application from the employer and enrolment details from the employees. Diligently completing this application will ensure the quotation assumptions are confirmed and accepted on record by the insurer as noted in checklist #3.

Plan Member Education

Employees will be required to complete a new enrollment form for benefits. They will most likely have questions regarding their new coverage. In addition, employers can proactively educate employees by communicating these details in a notice or information session. Checklist #4 evaluates plan deviations that may impact employees and their family members. Similarly, this will help prepare for the Plan Member Education process.

Plan Administration Training

Once the application is complete, any changes to a plan will require training for payroll, HR and administrators.  Checklist #5 mentions there may be inherent differences in Provider value-adds and alternatives. Moreover, Plan Administrators will need to be educated on the changes to plan design, eligibility, disability management, claims process and new programs available.

Marketing Myth #10: All Brokers are Advisors

False. The Brokers only job is quote and sell while the Advisors job is to provide advice. While Brokers may be excellent salespeople, the post sales experience is also incredibly important. However, they are often not guaranteed with every deal. Benefit brokers who do not follow the marketing checklist may convince Employers to change Plans or Providers. However, they do not help facilitate the change with year round advice, service and support.

Selling a new Benefits plan policy will generate the Advisor’s commission. However, they will truly earn it when they fully facilitate the change and transition employers and employees into an annual advisory model. Our checklist intentionally includes the post sale experience. Additionally, this helps see the full process through and demonstrating the value of the prior nine checklist items.

Completing this 10-part Employee Benefits Marketing checklist will ensure all parties are fully informed. Employers should be working with Advisors who dutifully follow a comprehensive process with each client that results in the most effective advice. CloudAdvisors is powering the next generation of Employee Benefit Advisors to efficiently Organize, Analyze, Automate and Deliver the most effective advice. To learn how you can become powered by CloudAdvisors, or connect directly with our network of Advisor Partners, please visit

You can find more information about Employee Benefits Checklists and Myths #10 in our solution library.

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