For Insurance Providers

Provider Plus Plans Available

CloudAdvisors does not charge a fee to Insurance Providers to create and list products or services. We offer optional add-on pricing to increase visibility of products or to create specific custom insights. Pricing is in $CAD

Features Free Account Provider Plus
Brand White Labelling
Upload Full Description
Upload Marketing Materials
Manage Solution Rates
Real Time Analysis
Quotation Manager
Unlimited Provider Users
Exclusive Listings
List Solutions
List Contact Information
Keyword Search Engine
CloudAdvisors Support
Keyword Tag Starting at $100.00 Per Month
Instant Quotes Variable Fee On Accepted Quotes
Custom CALEB Insights Starts at $6000 Annually
Solution Match Eligible With Instant Quotes
Plan Design Data Integration On Project Basis
Claims Experience Data Integration On Project Basis
Renewal Data Integration On Project Basis
Quoting Engine Integration On Project Basis