Streamline your sales experience as a Provider Partner

Being a Provider Partner makes getting your products and services in front of the right decision makers easy. Start by listing your product in the marketplace and setting up custom proposals and quoting on platform. Then, incentivize advisors and groups to quote your product(s) by offering Plan Evaluations with your custom proposal attached. Finally, proactively match your solutions against insights on every Plan Evaluation we run. Start today!

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List Your Solution(s)
Promote Key Search Terms
Upload Marketing Materials
Create Automated Custom Proposals
Activate Instant Quote
Solution Match to Plan Insights
Unlimited Provider Users
Auto Quote Entire Advisor Blocks of Business
Offer Plan Evaluations to Engage Advisors to Quote
Customized Key Search Terms
Customized Instant Quote
Exclusive Solution Listing by Advisor
Exclusive Customized Plan Insights
Pricing Per Year
Starting at $12,000
Starting at $25,000

“We use CloudAdvisors software to compare and analyze employee benefit plans. The platform helps us build custom insights with each benefit plan we’re reviewing. Having access to this data provides insights to both me and my clients, that help us to develop the most effective benefits package to meet their unique needs.”

John Ohorndnyk
Senior Account Executive
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