The Essential Platform for Benefit Advisors

Automate, Analyze, Advise...CloudAdvisors powers everything you need to deliver the ultimate client experience

Organize Your Block in a Single Platform

Benefits Advisor CRM

Eliminate Paper and Increase the Organization, Accessibility and Security of your Client Information. Build Client Files, Store Reports and Manage Data from multiple providers including plans, claims, rates and commissions.

Integrate with select Preferred Insurance Carrier Partners – coming this year.

Automate All Reporting to Clients

Custom Report Generator

Build capacity in your business model with client ready report templates for key deliverables like claims experience reports and renewals. White Label Standard Reports, Add Advisor Commentary or Create Your Own Entire Unique Branded Reports.

Explore the Competitive Landscape with Ease

On-Demand Benchmarking

Join the network and access dynamically updated data to compare and rank client details anonymously across thousands of other employers. Build Presentation Ready benchmarking reports in seconds for benefit and retirement plan designs and costs across your choice of industries, regions and group sizes.

Access All Insurance Products

Solutions Library Search Engine

Gain access to explore the marketplace of hundreds of competing products and services ranging from traditional offerings to new benefit, retirement and wellness providers with innovative and highly differentiated solutions. Our provider partners regularly update listings to ensure you’ve got the latest descriptions, brochures and videos at your fingertips.

Leverage Machine Learning Advice

Always-On Powerful Analytics

Your new assistant C.A.L.E.B. brings it all together, regularly monitoring the client block, report data, benchmarking, and solution library to bring you new insights. Perform an instant Plan Audit for a prospect or review daily for recommendations on every client.

Deliver the Digital Experience

Secure Integrated Client Web Portals

Imagine your work on display with every client, securely organized in your own branded web portal. Invite prospects and clients to join you online where you can easily and professionally share all reports, meetings and key events in the relationship as well as unlock and share any number of related solutions from the solution library.


Choose the plan that’s right for you and get your business #PoweredByCloudAdvisors today.


For Advisory Firms

$ 499
  • Group CRM
  • Solution Marketplace
  • Employer Portals
  • CALEB Advice Assistant
  • Plan Insights Report
  • On-Demand Benchmarking
  • White Labelling
  • Onboarding Included
  • Customization
  • Integration


For Large Teams and MGAs

with our sales team
  • Group CRM
  • Solution Marketplace
  • Employer Portals
  • CALEB Advice Assistant
  • Plan Insights Report
  • On-Demand Benchmarking
  • White Labelling
  • Priority Onboarding
  • Customization
  • Integration

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Professional Enterprise / MGA
PRICING $499 month / advisor Contact us for pricing
GROUP CRM Professional Enterprise / MGA
Groups and Contacts
Event and Task Timeline
Governance Checklist
Benefit Plan Files
Retirement Plan Files
SOLUTION MARKETPLACE Professional Enterprise / MGA
Keyword Search Engine
Quoting Engine
Exclusive Listings Professional Plus
SECURE EMPLOYER PORTAL Professional Enterprise / MGA
Unlimited User Invites
Shared Timeline
Shared Reports
Shared Solutions
Shared Quotes
Employer Secure Upload
Brand White Labelling
Custom URL / Landing Page Professional Plus
CALEB ADVICE ASSISTANT Professional Enterprise / MGA
Plan Insights Report
Custom Plan Audit Report
Plan Insights Report
Custom Insights Professional Plus
On-Demand Benchmarking Professional Enterprise / MGA
Intro Benchmarking
Basic Comparison
Basic Ranking
Basic Financials
Benefits Comprehensive
Retirement Basic
Custom Templates Professional Plus
Automated Reports Professional Enterprise / MGA
Meeting Notes Template
Governance Report Template
Claims Report Templates
Renewal Report Template
Brand White Labelling
Custom Templates
Support Professional Enterprise / MGA
Data Onboarding – Plans & Rates Included Priority
Answer Bot
Knowledge Base Library
Technical Support Enhanced ($$) Premium ($$$)
Advisor Partner Support Enhanced ($$) Premium ($$$)