The Story of the CloudAdvisors Logo

the CloudAdvisors Logo: More Than Just a Cloud

When the newly formed CloudAdvisors team sat down to create a logo representative of an innovative, market-disrupting company, the team had to ask themselves: ‘what would it look like to be an Employee Benefits Advisor in ten years?’

In Canada alone, there exists over one million small business employers who need to make decisions regarding benefits. They need to decide on both coverage levels, and which plans to offer their people. Traditionally, advisors operated regionally. They would drive great distances to visit each business and meet face to face. 


Equipped with this knowledge about the current insurance landscape, the team moved forward with two assumptions:

With the constant advancement of technologies, the first assumption was that the current Benefits Advisor systems would have to evolve. The pencil and paper models rampant in the industry would soon be retired. In their place would require tech that could support the efficient and effective communication of information from Advisor to Client.


Second, they assumed this new technology would need to operate as a marketplace. The benefits industry already largely followed this model with its overabundance of buyers and sellers haggling for better value and lower costs. The future of benefits advising would require a digital platform to support this marketplace. It would need one platform to actively analyze and organize data, automate out-dated processes, and operate all within a secure network.

Evolution of the cloudadvisors logo

The Era of Cloud Computing

The obvious solution concluded the current model was outdated and overdue for a revamp. Rather, the era of cloud computing was ready to hit the insurance industry. With a digital ‘in the cloud’ platform, advisors could operate without these tired constraints. This would allow them to provide new access to information right when employers need it. Working under those two assumptions, they decided that the Advisor of the future would need to be a CloudAdvisor.


So when these concepts came together in the CloudAdvisors logo, they naturally gravitated towards the idea of ‘the cloud’. With it came symbols of natural disruption: the power of nature, the stratosphere, winds, and of course, storms. Nature holds an innate ability to regrow, learn, and adapt to changing conditions. These were intrinsic values the CloudAdvisors team felt any new tech firm needed to succeed. 


While clouds take many shapes, the team looked to the Fibonacci Sequence to inspire the cloud that would become their logo. This mathematical pattern repeats in nature, from the swirling design on shells, to the centre of a flower, to the eye of a hurricane. The sequence simplified and made sense of nature. In insurance, it simplified what would otherwise be intensely complex – the very purpose of helpful advice.

The Final Piece: Advice

Lastly, the team knew the cloud was nothing without the Advisors that gave it life. Therefore, at the heart of the CloudAdvisors logo needed to be advice. Advice became represented as a pulse, conveniently also forming a close approximation to the letter A. The pulse represented the lifeblood of a company driven passionately by its founders, it represented the relative experience of life, but also the core of our differentiation. 


For CloudAdvisors, advice sits at the heart of our vision, our values, and what makes us unique, therefore it sits at the center of our logo. Advice starts with a superior knowledge of the marketplace, how competitive benefits can be, how you rank with other employers, and your relative position in your industry. The A, the pulse, and also a bell curve – our advice represents a standard distribution of data revealing two extremes at the majority huddled near the median. 


So there you have it, the heart of CloudAdvisors is our technology, pulsing, monitoring, and analyzing to help produce advice. Advice that needs to be communicated effectively and efficiently from the cloud to Advisors to Employers. Advice that ultimately leads organizations to make the best purchase of benefits that supports the greatest needs of their people.

You can read more about CloudAdvisors and our story here.

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