The Ultimate Guide to Telehealth Providers 2022

Top Telehealth Providers 2022

This is a complete list of top telehealth, virtual physiotherapy, and virtual care providers in Canada (updated June 2022). The information in this article is provided directly via CloudAdvisors, Canada’s Employee Benefits Marketplace. Employers can search any telehealth provider, including solutions and quotes, all within the marketplace for free.

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, also known as virtual health or telemedicine, is a relatively new method of connecting patients with doctors via phone, app, or online software. Since its inception, telehealth has rapidly gained traction due to its convenience, ease of use, and relatively affordable costs for both individuals and companies. While virtual clinics may be the most commonly known variety of telehealth, new telehealth providers are cropping up in the marketplace daily. These providers are adding unique products that serve niche audience needs – making telehealth, or telemedicine, a truly personalized approach to healthcare.

Virtual Mental Health Solutions

iHealth OX Logo

Mental Health & Wellness Solution

iHealthOX features a wide range of both virtual and in-person mental health services for employees and their families. Employees have access to individual therapy, self-care applications, peer support, therapists, health kids programming, coaching, live group coaching, couples therapy, assessments, psychiatry, group therapy, behavioral consultations, video therapy, and youth and teen counseling. Individual needs are determined through a clinically validated self-assessment, where employees are then guided to the appropriate level of care they need to improve their mental health.

curv health

Virtual EAP

Curv Health provides employees with a dedicated virtual counselor to assist with urgent mental health crises or episodic issues of stress, anxiety, and depression. Employees will have access to up to 600 minutes of counseling sessions per year. Curv Health Virtual EAP plan also gives employees unlimited access to a low-cost network of virtual physiotherapists, psychotherapists, and dietitians who offer assessments at $60, and follow-up sessions at just $50 – helping employees get more than two times the value out of their existing benefits budgets.

Snapclarity Logo

Virtual Mental Health

Snapclarity is a mental health platform that offers virtual therapy experience, allowing employees to proactively manage their mental health directly from their smart device. They’re the first platform in the industry to offer mental health risk assessment and associated tools to build resilience and wellbeing. Their connected care experience provides employees on-demand, convenient, and discreet support, integrating mental health support into employees’ daily life. The platform is completely confidential, HIPAA compliant, and secure. 

TeksMed Logo

QuikCare Thrive Mental Wellbeing Application

QuikCare Thrive is an app-based self-driven platform, allowing users to access mental health support, information, and coping techniques, anytime, and anywhere. The app uses validated clinical scales to screen and then prompts users to seek help when necessary and enables users to find all of the valuable support options available to them at the touch of a button. The self management aspect allows employees affected by mild depression and anxiety to recover in half the time it would normally take. Through mood tracking, guided relaxation techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based modules, and more, the application empowers users to build the mental and emotional resilience that will help them to adapt to life’s challenges.

Dialogue Logo

Employee Assistance Program - EAP

Dialogue’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) delivers essential wellness services to stay happy and healthy. As mental health issues continue to rise, many employees continue to face long wait times and a confusing, fragmented experience to get the support they need. In fact, most traditional EAPs only see an 11% utilization rate on average and below average satisfaction with services. Dialogue’s 100% virtual EAP model provides fast access to all support services from a single, digital platform. Members get a personalized assessment within minutes and can book a counseling appointment within 24 hours.

employee wellness logo

Virtual Mental Wellness Workshop

Employee Wellness Solutions Network delivers a variety of health and wellness workshops. These workshops complement businesses’ wellness strategies by supporting employees’ population health. Their Virtual Mental Wellness Workshop ranges from 30-60 minutes, with an aim to help workers gain an understanding and build comfort in talking about mental health and mental illnesses.


Mind by Maple

Mind by Maple is a resource that’s available 24/7 to meet your employees’ mental health needs. Employees can regularly text with a dedicated member of Mind by Maple’s Care Concierge team, see a therapist on-demand or by appointment, and access a resource library of content on various mental health and well-being topics. Mind by Maple can support every individual employee, no matter where they are in their mental health journey.


Green Shield Canada is strengthening its suite of virtual health solutions by partnering with ALAViDA, Canada’s first virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management. ALAViDA delivers a modern approach to substance use management as they’re the only provider focused exclusively on virtual management for substance use for those seeking to cut back or quit altogether. For organizations, ALAViDA helps fill the gap for unaddressed substance use in the workplace with virtual treatment that guides plan sponsors to support plan members’ pre-disability, reducing or eliminating the significant cost to organizations.

Telehealth for Teens

Charlie Wellbeing Logo

Teletherapy for Teens and Young Adults - EAP

Charlie Wellbeing connects employees’ teens with top quality therapists by providing virtual therapy to teens on their own schedule. The effects of youth mental illness are far-reaching and can impact employee well-being. 70% of disability claims have to do with mental illness related issues. Charlie Wellbeing believes that investing in teen mental health is a key factor in addressing employee well-being and productivity in the workplace. Providing teens with resources fosters a healthier home environment; A healthier home environment ensures that parents are happy and mentally sound; Happier parents lead to fewer disability claims.

Virtual Physiotherapy

Free 1 Hour Ergonomic and Wellness Session

Phyxable Logo

Phyxable is an innovative digital solution for physiotherapy, who’s platform provides a hybrid model of care by integrating 1-on-1 virtual rehab, along with self-guided home-based programs that gamify the experience and teach patients evidence-based solutions. Phyxable’s team of physiotherapists and chiropractors have designed an hour-long virtual session with at-home ergonomics and exercises that employees can perform right from their workspace. Not only will employees receive some valuable exercises to work (and feel) better, they now have the opportunity to get answers to all of their physio and ergonomic related questions from world class health practitioners.

Phzio Logo

MSK360 - Unlimited MSK Care, Ergonomic Evaluations, Conditioning Programs

Musculoskeletal (MSK) issues affect 1 in 5 employees every year. MSK issues are a leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in many cases can lead to long term or short-term disability. These costs are a significant factor in any workplace and have cascading effects on employee productivity, and therefore business success. According to research, virtual care is as effective as in person care for problems affecting your musculoskeletal system. Through the MSK360 Program, employees can receive virtual care with the guidance of a registered physiotherapist (PT) through their phone, tablet, or computer. 

curv health

Virtual Clinic - Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Psychotherapy

Curv Health connects employees directly to the country’s top fitness & healthcare providers to help employees save more than 50% with registered health coaches, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, dietitians & more. For employers, Curv Health is a low-cost way to help employees get more than more than 2x value out of their existing paramedical benefits budget. Curv Health uses the most advanced technology in the industry, including computer vision, to help users engage in fitness & healthcare programs with industry leading metrics across engagement and compliance.

Telehealth & Virtual Healthcare

Shoppers Drug Mart Logo

Virtual Care

Health Solutions by Shoppers is committed to helping employers and their benefits providers deliver more cost-effective and sustainable employee health benefits, with a focus on improving employee well-being and ultimately health outcomes. Virtual care is a unique health benefits program that provides employees with quick and easy access to a remote team of healthcare professionals to answer everyday health questions.

Equitable Life Logo

Virtual Health Care

Equitable Life’s guide helps you learn which healthcare services are available virtually, and how to access them. However, Equitable Life is not associated with any of these providers, does not endorse their products or services, and is not responsible for the contents or accuracy of any third party website referred to in the guide. In addition to the guide to virtual health, all Equitable Life plan members have access to a free iCBT program and health risk assessment.

curv health

Virtual Health Concierge

Curv Health Virtual Health Concierge plan helps employees navigate their health/wellness benefits and engage in pre-built health programs to achieve their physical, nutritional, and mental health goals. Employees are invited to download the Curv Health iOS or Android app and read through the biographies of Health Concierges, all of whom have a MSc degree or higher in a health-related field. The Curv Health Virtual Health Concierge plan also gives employees unlimited access to a low-cost network of virtual physiotherapists, psychotherapists, and dietitians who offer assessments at $60 and follow-up sessions at just $50 – helping employees get two times the value out of their existing benefits budgets.

simply benefits

Virtual HealthCare / Telehealth

Simply Benefits partners with Maple Online Healthcare to offer virtual healthcare. Members can access Maple Online via the Simply Benefits digital benefits portal (or directly to Maple) and gain 24/7 access to physical and mental health professionals via mobile or desktop devices. Employees will have access to clinicians who are able to diagnose and treat conditions, offer specialist referrals, fill/refill prescriptions, and provide mental health support.

TELUS Health Logo

TELUS Health Virtual Care

TELUS Health Virtual Care is a national on-demand virtual care solution that gives members and their family direct access to medical consults with friendly, compassionate clinicians. Users are connected to a registered clinician from the start and through their entire health journey. The service is available anytime and anywhere – 24/7, 365 days a year, and across the country – for prescriptions, mental health, diagnosis, referrals, and more. Having access to virtual care means employees no longer have to miss days of work for in-person appointments that can be resolved virtually.


Digital Clinic

Green Shield Canada’s Digital Clinic offers a suite of carefully vetted products and services that allow plan members to access virtual health care from their home, phone, or literally anywhere. With new digital health products added all the time, solutions range from mental health therapy, online doctor visits, and pharmacy services, to orthodontic care and physiotherapy, all within easy reach. It’s never been easier for plan members to take charge of their health – and for plan sponsors to promote a healthier workforce.

iHealth OX Logo


iHealthOx Telemedicine allows employees to access the care they need when they need it. They’re able to connect to and schedule same-day physician appointments virtually or via phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees can access this service for medical advice, a prescription, a referral, and more through iHealthOx’s integrated platform. 


Maple Primary Care

Maple is a virtual care platform that tackles some of the world’s most meaningful issues in healthcare, starting with timely and convenient access to doctors and other healthcare providers including dermatologists, mental health therapists, and oncology navigation experts. Maple Primary Care allows patients to connect directly with doctors and specialists for medical care in minutes from their phone or computer 24/7, and also provides custom technology solutions for employers, insurers, hospitals, and clinics. Maple works with many Broker and Consulting partners to bring seamless access to Maple as an added benefit to their existing benefits plans.

Dialogue Logo

The Integrated Health Platform

Dialogue’s unique Integrated Health Platform (IHP) is a modular, one-stop-shop platform that unifies Dialogue’s industry-leading health and wellness programs to deliver high-quality, multidisciplinary virtual care from a single modern app. With an improved experience for members and organizations, Dialogue’s IHP drives higher engagement and makes program administration easier than ever. Dialogue’s IHP includes 24/7 unlimited primary care for general physical and mental health concerns, a reimagined virtual Employee Assistance Program that provides fast, virtual counseling to support work-life balance issues, and an enhanced mental health program that includes an integrated blend of self-led and practitioner-led therapy.

empire life logo


Talking to a doctor has never been easier with Telemedicine. Empire Life’s Virtual Telemedicine service is provided by Teladoc. This service gives members who have Extended Health Benefits with Empire 24/7 access to a doctor through a safe and secure platform. Teladoc telemedicine can help employees with a wide range of health issues including sinus problems, allergies, flu symptoms, and much more. It can eliminate long wait times at the doctor’s office or in the emergency room. It’s here to help employees feel better, faster, and get them back to living life.



LifeWorks telemedicine solution is on call 24/7 to help keep people happy, healthy, and productive. Employees can save time and travel to medical appointments through instant access and navigation of medical care, reducing personal and family stress in their healthcare experience. LifeWorks telemedicine provides employees with a personalized all-in-one solution, a people-first continuum of care, and unparalleled clinical expertise. Additionally, Lifeworks drives a holistic, proactive approach to health that starts with offering multiple programs, features, and services to support employees with self-guided support resources and quality care with a human touch. All in one place and one call or click away.



Beneplan is a health insurance cooperative that collectively negotiates the lowest possible rates and returns profits back to its member owners. Beneplan offers a wide array of health insurance products that are best served for small and medium businesses sized 15-500+ employees. Partnering with Canada’s leading provider in virtual healthcare, Beneplan Telemedicine connects employees with online doctors for medical care & prescriptions, provides 24/7 access with a wait time of less than 2 minutes, and provides consultations over phone or video from any device.

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