Webinar: Financial Wellness in a Changing Workforce

To kick off the new year, join CloudAdvisors and a panel of financial experts to discuss financial wellness in our ever changing workplace in 2023. Panelists will discuss gender roles and closing the wealth gap, employer recruitment strategies, the modern financial advisor, investing basics, and much more.


We are excited to hear from Patrick Dunn from Benefi, Stephanie Wolfe from Wolfe Collective Wealth, Cindy Marques from Open Access, Chris Morrisson from HUB International, all hosted by Kristen Fazio from Insurance Centre Professionals.


Tune in for an informative webinar where we’ll discuss:

  1. Financial wellness in the workplace: What does it consist of? What do employers really want?
  2. Investing basics: How to invest in a challenging 2023 market.
  3. Compensation as a driver of employee turnover: Employer recruitment strategies and challenges in 2023.
  4. Traditional gender roles and investing: How to invest as a female in a male dominated sector.
  5. 5 steps women can take to close the wealth gap and improve their financial wellbeing.
  6. The modern financial advisor: Why and how the financial advice industry needs to adapt its approach to better serve young adults.

Introducing our Panelists:

Our first panelist is Patrick Dunn, CEO of Benefi. Patrick has had a long career in financial services and product development looking for unmet consumer needs and creating products to fulfill them. Before launching Benefi in 2020, he was an executive at Canada Life, where he focused on developing products in employee group benefits. Under his lead, Benefi is changing the recruitment industry with their powerful new tool Bonus Vesting. 


Our next panelist is Stephanie Wolfe, an award-winning C-Suite leader, and current Strategic Advisor at BMO. Stephanie is a passionate advocate for empowering women to achieve financial wellness. She is a certified financial coach and personal finance educator, dedicated to helping her clients create a better relationship with their money and in turn, grow their confidence and their wealth.


Next up we have Cindy Marques. Cindy is the Director of Financial Planning and an Education Specialist at Open Access. She entered the financial services industry in 2016, and has spent most of her career specializing in supporting the Millennial demographic. She has transformed the lives of Canadians by empowering them with financial fluency and confidence. Cindy has been featured in dozens of publications and hosted several workshops throughout her career. Her charisma and ability to communicate complex ideas in an approachable and straightforward manner is integral to the value she brings to Open Access, a Group Retirement Services company focused on Financial Wellness in the workplace.


And last but not least we have Chris Morrison. Chris is a Financial Wellness Manager for HUB International’s Group Retirement Practice. He has over 15 years’ experience in group retirement and financial planning. Chris began his career with the largest private investment broker in the UK, providing investment advice and guidance to individual investors. As a financial planner with HUB, Chris supports the plan members of their group retirement plans, as well as educating and empowering them to take control of their own financial wellness. Chris specializes in assisting plan members approaching retirement and provides detailed strategies to assist in the transition to life after work.

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