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Competitive Evaluation of Employee Benefits

CloudAdvisors is changing the way advisors and insurance companies evaluate employee benefit programs across Canada

The Most Comprehensive Data Available

With more than 15,000 benefit plans in our database, we have the most comprehensive data set in the industry. This means information you can count on, delivered on demand.

Data integrity drives our business, and integrity means nothing without accuracy. Regular monitoring, updates, and improvements to our systems means we always deliver data insights you can trust.

Privacy is important to you, which means it’s important to us. With over 15,000 benefit plans in our system, we go to great lengths to keep your data encrypted, secure, and fully anonymous.

Our benchmarking is generated in real time to get you the answers you need, when you need them. With more than 500 data points available in easy to filter formats, decision-making data is just a click away.

How we help

Reduce stress, confusion, and unpredictable costs with access to industry benefits benchmarking, and the largest employee benefits marketplace in Canada. 

Recruit Better

Recruit better talent and retain hires through competitive coverage, better offerings, and confidence in how you stack up.

Cost Savings

Find the best competitive price with easy benchmarking tools, and free search access. Create custom plans or shop instant quotes.

Save Time

Get the information you need when you need it to instantly compare or buy. Further expedite the process with on platform recommendations.

For all business needs

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Recruiting & Retention

Struggling with your recruitment strategy? Hire better with competitive benefits. CloudAdvisors is your best tool to deliver employee benefits and perks that your team actually wants.

First time buyers

Are you a small business looking to offer benefits for the first time? In a few questions we’ll show you sample plans in different competitive ranges and price tags. From product suggestions to on demand quotes, we have all your questions answered.

Competitive Comparisons

Not sure how you stack up to competitors? We’ve got you covered. Whether you want to compare benefits within your industry, your company size, or across the country – our data can answer your questions.

Stay under budget

When you can’t compare prices, staying within your budget is next to impossible. By working directly with providers, we provide instant quotes on platform – allowing you to shop and compare within your price range.


“CloudAdvisors helped us easily find answers to niche problems our clients were facing. We reached out to a number of companies, carriers, and industry experts that weren’t able to point us in the right direction. Using the Solution Marketplace, we instantly found a benefit solution that worked for our clients.”

Amanda Pineo
Group Benefits Advisor
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How does your Plan Stack Up?

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