Employee benefit advisors

Advisor Sales platform to Prospect, Close and Advise

Rethink your traditional broker sales  approach and market like a modern advisor. Generate leads, close clients and grow with the leaders in benefits evaluation technology. 

How it works

Upload client details and receive personalized plan evaluations based on real-time marketplace data. Gain access to the platform for year-round monitoring and updates on every added group.

Upload Groups

Drag and drop benefit booklets for clients or prospects to run evaluations for groups.

Plan Evaluation

Review Summary Bar Score, Priority Insight, Benchmarking Dashboard and Reports.

On-Going Monitoring

Evaluations update automatically and Block Summary analyzes your entire block of business.

ROI on Clients

Improved client retention with proactive annual analysis.

Less Marketings and Less Advisor Competition.


Generate upsell, cross sell, and referral revenue with personalized client evaluations.

ROI on Prospects

Lead Generation Tools will spur digital marketing and cross sell.


Sample Plan Benchmarking to Engage Prospects


Full Evaluation and Insights to Close New Clients Faster

Designed for busy group advisors

Like a virtual support staff delivering you instant prospect value and proactive client support year round.

Save Time

Detailed Plan Evaluations take hours combined with Market Research or manual Benchmarking was not practical for most clients.

Deliver Value

Get instant access to valuable data, analysis, insights, solutions, and quotes for every client every year.

Custom and Scaleable

White Labelled and Branded along with setting up preferred solutions auto-quoting scales across your firms entire block.

Benchmark Instantly

Access dynamically updated data to compare and rank client details. Build presentation-ready benchmarking reports in seconds. Easily compare all benefits included, and rank coverage levels offered.

Plan Insights

Get prioritized recommendations, considerations, and detailed rationale per client. Based on gaps, risks, and opportunities identified through benchmarking and BAR score ranking.

BAR Score

A dynamic index that ranks group plans, and reveals how benefits measure up to other organizations. Benchmarked data is summarized into a single score to represent competitive value.

Insightful Analytics

CloudAdvisors’ AI Assistant CALEB produces a comprehensive, personalized, and customizable plan evaluation for both benefits and retirement savings plans.

Search the solution marketplace

Explore more than 500 benefit products and solutions available from leading Canadian providers. Search traditional offerings, new benefits, retirement plans, wellness providers and more.

Quote On-Demand

Reduce quote lead times with instant quotes available on platform. Solutions are quoted by available rates and group data. Prices are presented with multiple solutions comparing multiple providers.

Solution Match

CALEB AI is your advice assistant. CALEB searches the marketplace for solutions, products, or services that match Plan Insights and group profiles.


“We use CloudAdvisors software to compare and analyze employee benefit plans. The platform helps us build custom insights with each benefit plan we’re reviewing. Having access to this data provides insights to both me and my clients, that help us to develop the most effective benefits package to meet their unique needs.”

John Ohorndnyk
Senior Account Executive
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