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Like a credit score, but for employee benefits. The Bar Score is a simple percentile ranking designed to help you stay ahead of your employee benefits plan.

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How It Works

The Bar Score provides a high-level summary of the competitive ranking of a benefit plan. Scores increase when competitive benefits are added to a plan. A higher score indicates a more competitive plan. 

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One Ranking

Your score is determined by how thorough, competitive, and complete your plan is. A comprehensive plan with competitive coverage will receive a high Bar Score.

Percentile Ranking

We compare every score across 15,000 employers and rank them on a national scale. All scores are recalculated and ranked daily, or when updates are made to any plan in our database.

How We Help

The Bar Score is an always-on monitoring system, calculated by comparing hundreds of plan variables in real time. Scores are recalculated and re-indexed daily for all 15,000 employers when new groups join the platform, or existing plans are updated.

Initial Evaluation

Upload your plan to receive benchmarking and an initial Bar Score. See how you compare to the market today to prioritize changes.

Get Recommendations

Use CloudAdvisors' Plan Insights in conjunction with the Bar Score to fix gaps in your plan. Recommendations are accompanied by an expected Bar Score increase.

Optimize Plan

Explore AI suggested insights to optimize your benefits plan based on your organization's specific needs. Save money and time by targeting issues directly.

Monitor Change

Use the Bar Score to monitor ongoing changes, trends, and updates in the benefits marketplace. Stay on top of your plan any day throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your score is dynamic, and has no upward limit. Plans that have high levels of coverage, comprehensive offerings, and have been updated within the year will have a higher score. As benefits are updated or added, your score increases. 

All scores in the database are recalculated and re-ranked daily. You can compare your plan against your competitors in 4 ways:

  • Nationally
  • Province
  • Industry
  • Company Size

Are you an employer? Join for free and we will be in contact with you with more information. CloudAdvisors requires a pre-existing benefits plan to give you a Bar Score. 


“We do a lot of recruiting so it’s very helpful to understand whether our benefits really are as good as we believe they are. [The Bar Score] helps us to understand how we compare with and stack up to other companies’ benefits offerings. Every year, we’re making changes due to reviewing our score and where we find we can make the most impact.”

Kathryn Newstead
Human Resources Coordinator
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