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Industry Leading Interactive Benchmarking

The largest, most carrier agnostic and most comprehensive employee benefits plan design database in Canada.  With more than 200 variables compared across 15,000 employers and 40,000 plans – we promise we have the answers you need.

The Most Comprehensive Data Available

Benchmarking allows Advisors to make better recommendations and employers to make better decisions. Our benchmarking data is available on-demand in an interactive benchmarking dashboard as well as downloadable reports.

Benefits Included

We show you all benefits included in your plan and how they stack up to your chosen comparison group across industry, region and size.

Plan Design Details

Maximums, Coinsurance, Deductibles, Classes, Tiers, Flex, Spending Allotment, you name it, we've got it benchmarked!

Benefits Not Included

Want to know what you're missing out on? We'll show you what's not included in your plan, and how this stacks up to competitors.

Benefits and Retirement

We'll provide categories for every major benefit line including retirement plan matching in RRSP and Pension.

Premium Splitting

Beyond Plan Design we'll also explore employer versus employee splits on monthly premiums by benefit line.

Always Improving

Always adding new data, updates but also adding new benchmarks regularly including new categories like Mental Health Practitioners more

No Current Plan No Problem!

Advisor Partners can unlock benchmarking dashboards for prospective plans and clients as well as advanced filters to look at any employer comparison, by industry, region and size combination.

Our Comparison Metrics

Industry Percentage

We break down every metric by the percent of employers who offer each benefit for an easy, at-a-glance comparison.

Quartile Ranking

We don't use Averages, we show real coverage levels, percentile values, we break down what you should offer from the bottom 25%, the median, to the top 25%.

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“We do a lot of recruiting so it’s very helpful to understand whether our benefits really are as good as we believe they are. [The Bar Score] helps us to understand how we compare with and stack up to other companies’ benefits offerings. Every year, we’re making changes due to reviewing our score and where we find we can make the most impact.”

Kathryn Newstead
Human Resources Coordinator
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