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Competitive benchmarking to boost your benefits

The most comprehensive and affordable employee benefits benchmarking in Canada. With more than 100 variables compared across 15,000 plans – we promise we have the answers you need.

The Most Comprehensive Data Available

Benchmarking allows your business to make strategic decisions around your benefits offering. Without market intelligence, it can be difficult to know what benefits to offer and at what coverage levels. Our benchmarking data gets you and your advisor started in the right direction, no guesswork needed.

Benefits Included

We show you all benefits included in your plan and how they stack up to your chosen comparison group across several popular metrics.


Get the inside scoop on typical industry maximums broken down by benefit - including whether you should have a maximum at all.

Benefits Not Included

Want to know what you're missing out on? We'll show you what's not included in your plan, and how this stacks up to competitors.

Coverage Levels

Coverage levels can be confusing. We break down popular coverage levels for each benefit, how they rank in your industry, and how they compare to your plan.


Deductibles should be eliminated where possible. In cases where they can't be avoided, how much should you charge employees?

So Much More!

We break down so much more than the basics. Learn about standard waiting periods, typical tier schedules, elimination periods, and over 500 more data points.

Buying benefits for the first time?

Are you a small business buying benefits for the first time? Looking at sample plans can help you get started, even without a plan of your own to benchmark. Tell us your industry and company size, and we’ll find something that works for you.

Our Comparison Metrics

Industry Percentage

We break down every metric by the percent of employers who offer each benefit for an easy, at-a-glance comparison.

Bell Curve Ranking

Using percentile rankings, we break down what you should offer to be among average employers, all the way up to the best of the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our product resource pages below where we talk about our data in depth, or get in touch with our team.

Benchmarking is for all employers, including those offering benefits for the first time, and for businesses with long-established plans. Benchmarking allows all employers to understand their industry landscape, new trends in recruitment, and identify important gaps in coverage.

For first time buyers, benchmarking can help you prioritize your budget and just focus on the essentials for recruitment. 

For established plans, benchmarking annually is the most efficient way to keep your plan up to date with competitors, and keep your employees happy.

With CloudAdvisors, benchmarking data is complimentary when you work with our advisor partners. Get started with a free account, then invite your advisor or connect with one of ours. 

All benchmark requests are calculated in real-time, using the most up to date information in our system. Our technology calculates and ranks data based on your request in real time using percentages, and standard deviations. 

Your privacy is important to us, and to your advisor. Our data is encrypted internally in Canadian cloud software to ensure you and your advisor are the only ones with access. 

In our system, we anonymize all data when we benchmark, meaning no one but you knows the details of your plan.


“We do a lot of recruiting so it’s very helpful to understand whether our benefits really are as good as we believe they are. [The Bar Score] helps us to understand how we compare with and stack up to other companies’ benefits offerings. Every year, we’re making changes due to reviewing our score and where we find we can make the most impact.”

Kathryn Newstead
Human Resources Coordinator
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